The Team RV Advantage!

Choosing Team RV Express as your carrier not only allows you to now have direct control of how you receive your units, but in addition to the better service, you will also save on your freight costs considerably!

Selecting Team RV Express as your transport company not only ensures you receive your units fast, but also gives you other competitive advantages that you may not get with other transporters! You are in control!

Features & Benefits:

  • Convenient yard and office in the heart of the RV industry located in Middlebury, Indiana.
  • Quick pick up of your units from manufacturers, no more “month end” calls from the reps!
  • Free secure storage in our yard if required.
  • Option to pick up any required parts from manufacturers and including them with your next unit shipment at no additional charge.
  • We act as liaison with factories as required on your behalf in regards to your transport concerns.
  • Large fleet of drivers (140+) allows for fast delivery.
  • 53’ flatbed trailers and Haul & Tow* trucks allowing for multiple unit shipments. * Maximum length for top unit on a Haul and Tow is 26’ bumper to ball.
  • The flexibility to make double loads with various manufacturer’s further increasing your savings!
  • Ability to floorplan your freight through GE Capital & TCF.
  • We are also the only carrier that offers fully bilingual (English/French) service.